Stoptober is here again, and we are here right by your side giving you a helping a hand.

Stop smoking

There are many benefits to quitting smoking for good, but the challenge is always how and when?

Why Stoptober?

You are 5 times more likely to quit for good if you are smoke free for 28 days, and that’s where Stoptober steps in to help. There is no better time than Stoptober to be smoke free, where you are provided with a whole month of extra support to help you be smoke free.

How does ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea help?

You are more likely to be smoke free with the support of a Stop Smoking Specialist and access to stop smoking medication. That’s the ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea offer.

We will provide you with six weeks of one to one support with our Stop Smoking Specialist and twelve weeks of free nicotine replacement therapies.

We offer specialist services as well to meet your specific be smoke free needs

- Pregnancy and Smoking Specialist: Will help you be smoke free during or just after your pregnancy, helping you and your baby get the best start.

- Shisha Specialist: Will help you quit smoking shisha.

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What does your ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea journey look like?

After contacting us through phone or email, you can expect contact from our support team within two working days. The friendly support team will welcome and book you in for your initial phone appointment with your Stop Smoking Advisor.

In your first appointment, your advisor will ask you why you want to quit and how motivated you are to achieve this. This important conversation helps our advisors assess how best to fully support you throughout your smoke free journey. Your advisor will run through the various stop smoking medication on offer and help you choose which is best for your quit attempt.

Following this, your advisor will discuss setting an appropriate quit date.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started and be smoke free today

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