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One You RBKC, the borough's new integrated healthy lifestyle service, will be offering a range of training for healthcare professionals, service managers and frontline staff.

One You provides free Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training to front line services. 

"Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to behaviour change that uses the millions of day-to-day interactions that organisations and people have with other people to support them in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing."

 MECC teaches motivational interview techniques focusing on the following lifestyle issues:

  • Stopping smoking
  • Drinking alcohol within the recommended limits
  • Healthy eating
  • Being physically active
  • Improving mental health and wellbeing

This short  3 hour training provides the skills to recognise an opportunity, engage in a motivational dialogue and then signpost to the relevant services making a big difference in people’s lives.

What sets the MECC conversations apart is the use of the COM-B behavioural change model that allows us to fundamentally understand the barriers to lifestyle change. 
Open MECCs are delivered virtually and you are able to sign up to the free training on this web page. Open MECC events will go live on a rolling basis to suit demand. Please get in contact with if you have any questions surrounding the MECC training.  

If you would like a bespoke virtual training then please email

Very Brief Advice (VBA) Training

Advice from health professionals can be one of the most important triggers for a quit attempt. How do you give advice effectively without taking up too much time or harming relationships with patients. The 45 minutes VBA training has been designed to support this aim.

Traditionally the approach has been to focus on informing smokers of the harm caused by smoking and advising them to stop. However, it has been found that an offer of support is more effective. The likelihood of quitting is higher if stop smoking medication is offered and even higher with an offer of support. VBA training is intended to empower health care professionals with the knowledge and ability to help people stop smoking. 

If you wish to arrange a VBA training or have any questions please get in touch with 


Smoking Cessation Level 2 Training 

One You Kensington and Chelsea Smoking Cessation Level 2 Training is a two day, certified course that provides the necessary training to become a qualified NHS Stop Smoking Advisor. A variety of topics are covered, including:

  • All areas covered in ‘An Introduction to Smoking Cessation’.
  • The 6 week NHS smoking cessation programme.
  • Medications available to help smokers to quit.
  • Providing support on behavioural change.
  • Role playing and practical tips on helping smokers.

This course is free of charge for anyone working in an NHS funded health care setting in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea or the City Of Westminster. 

For others interested in attending this course whom work in a different setting or borough the course is chargeable.

Places for this course are limited and so please note that anyone interested in attending must first complete a screening questionnaire. Spaces on these courses are subject to availability, and to agreement with our Training Agreement

Once the stop smoking team has assessed your application someone will get back to you with confirmation. If you have a space reserved please give at least one week’s notice if for any reason you are unable to attend, except in cases of emergency. If you have any queries please call us on 020 3434 2500.


Get The Knowledge 

A new online learning experience is brought to you by ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea. The Knowledge platform is designed to give health professionals content sharing tried and tested methods for having positive conversations around weight management, obesity and stopping smoking.

You will increase your confidence in talking about this topic instantly through bite-sized videos and articles. It takes less than five minutes of your time to make all the difference to your service. For more information click the green box on the side. 

Virtual Open MECC 15th April

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Virtual Open MECC 13th May

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Virtual Open MECC 17th June

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