Cheers to health

By Shirin Nargis Fatima Ahmad

As we settle in our homes for the lock-down, it could be easy to let go of our health and well-being. Found yourself gravitating towards that third glass of wine, or “just another” can of beer?

2020 has been a challenging year, and all we want is to de-stress and enjoy. So, what can we do during this time where we can have fun but also be mindful for our health? Here are our top five tips for drinking safely at home.


1) Watch your units

One of the most important steps to drinking mindfully is to know the number of units you are drinking. The national recommendations are no more than 14 units a week with two alcohol-free days. But what is a unit?

In simple terms, units are the amount of pure alcohol in your drink. Our bodies can process one unit of alcohol every hour, which is roughly 10ml of pure alcohol.

This page on the NHS website has an easy guide to help you keep tabs on how many units you are drinking. Find out more here.

unit of alcohol

2) Take a break

Too much of anything is bad for us. Same goes with our drinks. It is important to keep days that are alcohol-free. The national guideline recommends at least two days that should be drink free.

Thinking of how to set these? Have a look at your routine. Start with a realistic goal, and keep your alcohol-free days when you’re most likely to stick to them. Like on a Tuesday, when you’ve got an early start the next day and are less likely to be gravitating towards the glass.

It is also helpful to keep reminders to stay drink free. With the Drink Free Days app, you can set alerts so you can stay on track to reach your free days goal. Cutting back on the amount of alcohol you drink will bring positive changes to your mood and health.

drink free days

3) Drink Mockitos instead of Mojitos

Who said the fun can only be brought by cocktails? You can still enjoy a video-call party with your friends while sipping on some alcohol-free fun drinks.

Mocktails are cheap and fun drinks which are quick to make at home. All you need are a few ingredients from your local grocers and mix your favourite flavours together. Because it’s alcohol-free you don’t have to worry about any hangovers, and you can enjoy them with the whole family.

Looking for recipes? Check out our Facebook page this week for some great mocktail recipes here.

watermelon mocktails

4) Reach out for help

Drinking less can bring about spectacular changes in our health. We can sleep better, have more energy, and feel less moody. However, cutting back can be a challenge and all we need is a helping hand to support us through this goal.

Realising you need a bit more support is the first step to make a positive change. Our partners The Alcohol Service, provide a range of services and support to help you reach your health goal and can give expert advice if you feel your drinking is becoming a problem.

Find out more information on these services on our drink less page.


5) Burn those calories

Alcoholic drinks can sneakily rack up the number of calories you consume, easily surpassing your daily recommended amount. If we’re not mindful of the amount we drink, we could end up gaining a few more kilos.

The secret to burning those calories is to exercise. Exercise makes us use up more of the calories we consume within the day. Now, due to the current lockdown we understand it may be difficult to get some activity in the day. In the cold and gloomy weather, you would rather want to stay cosy and warm indoors than go for a run, especially if it’s wet and dark.

So why not start getting active with our virtual gym, The Other Room. As a ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea client you can get active from the comfort of your home with a range of live and recorded videos to get your endorphin boost.

exercising at home

How can ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea support you?

ONE YOU Kensington and Chelsea have a range of services to support you to drink less, lose weight, eat well, move more, and be smoke-free. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Drinks tracker

Drinking a bit too much can sneak up on you. The free drinks tracker app makes it easy to keep an eye on the booze and take control with daily tips and feedback. Find out more on the NHS page.

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